Just as we planted seeds of hope, love and salvation at Easter, we now turn to sowing seeds of love in our garden. We have plans to put our Unity garden in during May.  The weather may dictate when that happens, but tentatively set for May 18th.

The garden is an expression of our love and appreciation to our neighbors and our community. We are blessed to have the Environmental Club from New Prairie High School growing plants for us.  We will be planting other donated plants as well.

In time these plants will blossom and produce vegetables that we can share. God’s love expresses through us much the same way.  His Spirit is planted within us.  It is meant to flourish and then as our faith blossoms we are meant to share the fruits of the spirit with others.  We are to share of God’s goodness, mercy and grace.

Be blessed and be a blessing.

Pastor Kal

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